Conversations you don't want to miss.

9:00 am:

Keynote with Jesse Holland

10:00 am: Concurrent Sessions

Fake News, Public Trust and the Media: Using the now cliché phrase “fake news,” many Americans increasingly distrust the media. What has caused this erosion of public trust, and what can journalists do to restore it?

If We Don't Do It, Who Will?: Community Journalism in Mississippi: Small town newspapers have longed served a vital role throughout the country. How has this role changed in the 21st century and how have these newspapers adjusted to America’s changing media landscape?

11:15 am

Southern Politics in the Age of Trump: Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the country’s traditional political divisions have been upended. How have these changes played out in the South? This panel of political reporters and analysts will help us understand the volatile contemporary political environment.


1:00 pm

From the State House to Your House: The Future of Media: Keynote with Evan Smith

2:00 pm: Concurrent Sessions:

Covering the Mississippi Capitol: Aside from SEC football, state politics is Mississippi’s most popular sport. In this panel, Mississippi’s top political reporters will share stories about covering state government. This time, instead of answering the questions, Meg Annison, Director of Communications for Speaker of the House Phillip Gunn, will be asking them.

Millennials and the Media: Young people are leading the way in journalism today. This panel of millennial reporters will explore the challenges of the contemporary news environment.

3:30 p.m.

The Fourth Estate: The Role of Journalism in Democracy: This closing panel will address the summit’s central theme: the crucial role that journalism plays in our democracy. How has the current political climate and changing technology created new challenges for journalism?